Saturday, October 9, 2021

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do

Some days it seems the world is mired in craziness. Not haha craziness, but really harsh and dangerous nastiness that folks seem hell bent to inflict on each other. 

The Covid pandemic has had a mighty negative effect on all folks, in all countries around the globe. Often it feels overwhelming. Just today, September 22, 2021 we heard the deaths caused through this pandemic have now exceeded the legendary 1918 Spanish ‘flu.

When it was realized that vaccinations would have the potential to save the world from this pandemic horror, developed countries managed to procure vaccine supplies for themselves. But in developing countries COVID-19 ran rampant. They did not have sufficient means of supply and distribution to help their people.

In view of this, you’d think that folks in developed countries would be just lining up to get their life saving vaccinations, as suggested by the scientists responsible for researching and producing them.

But no. This is the time of eagerly listening to misinformation and pure drivel spouted forth by the constant “expert” sharing on social media.

The latest misinformation being peddled is that vaccines have been introduced into salad greens and dressings to ensure that everyone receives a vaccine dose! The tragedy is, there will be millions of folks who will believe it.

In the future there will be studies of these chaotic times. There will be disbelief that families, parents of children even, would prefer to subject each other to illness, hospitalization and death rather than take advantage of a cure that would benefit a whole country.

There will be amazement that politics could influence decisions of health, even though statistics clearly showed more than 90% of hospitalizations were a result of being unvaccinated.

Crazy world. 

At times like this, when everyone is unsettled, trying to get used to “the new normal” nothing feels like the old normal we loved. Maybe I  didn’t always appreciate it enough at the time. Covid-19 lurks at every turn, unfortunately.

But there’s one thing you can always strive to do. Be kind to others. Go out of your way to be kind. Your efforts bring about a warm feeling of joy win your heart when you succeed in helping someone else to enjoy their life just a little more through a random act of kindness.

There aren’t many places I go to these days. I avoid the ferry and public transport as much as possible. I go to the supermarket at 8 a.m, because it’s quieter, with little human contact. 

But the supermarket trip can be turned into an event. Lots of shoppers equal lots of opportunities to find little ways of interacting.

I give a mask smile ( they can only see my impeccable eyebrows) and make a point of saying a “good morning” to everyone that crosses my path. People are visibly taken aback, but always respond positively. You can’t allow masks to deter you from greeting others, or even having a conversation about the emptiness of the shelves these days.

Each week my dearly beloved buys scratch ‘n win lottery tickets for me to give away. Seriously, can you think of a more fun way to give someone hope than by spending a dollar on them? 

I often give the tickets to cashiers, and you’d think I was giving a huge gift. Hopefully it might be! But anyone who looks as though they might be having a not-so-good day is fair game. 

This past week I’ve been picking the last branch of golden delicious apples from my little espaliered tree, packing my little 100-year-old basket full of them and distributing them to neighbourhood homes. People were shocked but delighted to receive them. I was selfishly happy too, knowing I’d had too many in the first place, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about a bear having its sights on the garden!

Image via Vicki Warner

I’ve come to realize through random acts of kindness that everyone you see or meet in everyday life has feelings and needs. In this time of pandemic it just takes a little bit of extra effort to show active kindness towards others. 

Do you believe random acts of kindness can change the world? Do you have some great ideas to share?  Do you pass forward little acts of kindness you’ve received? One way of doing that is to comment here. Every time you do that you’re helping the world.

Garden Glimpse

Rhododendron cinnabarinum is an amazing shrub in my garden. It is probably 10’ tall, and I’ve not seen another one like it.  During the winter and early spring it’s almost embarrassing to look at, as it looks very sparse, totally neglected. The reason for this is the leaves roll under to conserve moisture. Then the flowers come, and it is beautifully covered with them.  They are hugely attractive to the hummingbirds.

When the flowers die off the shrub seems to take on new life, and suddenly the leaves are glossy and dark green. 

Spring-time shrub

Same shrub, healthy green leaves!

Close-up of the stunning bunches of flowers!


  1. Dearest Vicki, you are such a caring human being and helped me through a difficult time.I appreciate your words and your thoughtfulness to share a little act of kindness. Once more you have inspired me and I know how a smile or a hello or just listening to another and taking interest/ time to listen to their story, just makes the world a better place. Your words are powerful. Hugs Debbie

  2. Hi V,

    I believe consistent acts of kindness can at least change the life of the recipient, and even those associated with them. Hopefully, most remember and pay it forward. :-)