Saturday, October 2, 2021

No Rockin' Chairs - Just Rockin' On!

When Jennie Darren appeared on Britain’s Got Talent this year she looked like the stereotypical grandma; quite a sweet little thing behind glasses, old lady clothes and with that sort of naive innocence that grandmas spend many years carefully cultivating.  The truth though, stunned and delighted everyone.

You have to say, this is an example of the humour that emerges as one ages. It’s like looking at life from a whole new perspective, and it can only happen by using the knowledge gained after many years ( too many, some would say), to shake up the younger crowd.

It’s their protection, you see, a strategy for getting the best out of life by never revealing the truth behind the properness of that carefully crafted image. The truth of their feelings is often hidden way inside.

The ones you really have to be wary of are those sorta fragile looking, often bookish, gently smiling, always there for you and whoever else crosses their path ones. Watch them. They’re pure danger, with internal cauldrons of fire just waiting to be unleashed like a well-bred volcano.

I see this every week with the knitting ladies who make blankets for charity in our area. Most are quite mature, from a chronological point of view. Once a week they troop sedately into their private space in their library, knitting bags very obvious.

Don’t be fooled. When that door closes they have more fun than almost any other groups you can think of.  The door is soundproof fortunately. You wouldn’t believe the goings on there...

Lately even young folks, sometimes even with their younger babies have taken to joining the group. It’s where the real action is, you see, a chance for them to have a taste of what was seen, heard, and learned in days gone by.  

They get to enjoy the shock value in the humor that the more wicked of these oh-so-demure females express. The scheming, gossiping, laughing, all at high decibels, ( everyone wants to contribute) makes for a heady mix. It’s a sisterhood.

Older women have lived, you see. They remember when there was no technology to speak of. They’ve managed through war, anxiety, many losses, health issues. They show you how to make the best of things, no matter what life hands you.

They use those SEO titles you read on-line as fodder to give them gentle smiles. They know it takes more than 7 Steps to give you a contented life!  But it’s good for a laugh, anyway, even if the guy who wrote it is still “wet behind the ears!”

Bodies don’t look or behave like they used to. But they make the best of it, and reading the obituary column spurs them on to do that. Some even have Fitbits.

Anyway, back to Jennie. She used to sing and travel with the group AC/DC, the only woman who ever sang with them.

Since she appeared on Britain’s got talent 2018 there’s been a huge resurgence in her work. There she is, unmistakably not what the botoxed cookie cutter image of a modern music star should look like. 

It’s easy to forget older women had lives too. Many have been caught wrong-footed because they didn’t grow up with the technology or speed of today. 

They do their best. Sure, in many cases their computer expertise consists of limited Facebook family stuff, and sending emails, but that too should be cause for respect. Without that grandmother, you wouldn’t even be reading this today.

Dinner at grandma’s now often is a wasted silent affair with folks busy on their personal devices at the table. Here’s a news flash - Older women truly hate that! 

If you want to get them riled, just do that. And even when you think you’ve come off best with it, remember they’ll store it in their memory for later, when they’ll joke about you to their friends! 

And then everyone will know what you’re like! Even though they’ll shake your hand politely when they meet you, they’ll be stifling a giggle.

They were educated in all sorts of ways you’ll never have the privilege of knowing. All too often now they’re regarded just with tolerance, but if you have time just to ask one question about their younger lives you’ll discover you’ve unlocked a treasure house of history.

That’s because every older woman is a  walking talking Wikipedia. 

WooHoo to the old ladies!

If you felt this resonated with you, please comment and tell everyone why! There are lots of folks who all have much to say about senior women! Put it in comments, and it’ll be much appreciated!

Garden Glimpse

I was given a few Crocosmia bulbs for the garden, and now find out what rapid multipliers they are. This year I removed about 100 of them, and it really hasn’t made a dent in their numbers!  So be warned, this plant will not be a great candidate for pots.

Crocosmia, Lucifer, is spectacular, with its stunning bright red colour, eagerly visited by the resident humming birds. It can be used as a long-lasting cut flower too, although I don’t like to deprive the hummers of a feast.

Crocosmia requires little water and little care, except watching it to make sure its bulb multiplication doesn’t crowd out other plants.

There are several different Crocosmias. Lucifer is definitely my favourite.

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