Friday, June 9, 2017

How to Catch a Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Troubles Solved!

I’m thinking retrospectively about this. A while back I brought some delicious little bananas into the house. A couple of days later it was obvious there were a few tiny creatures flying around. 

Dang, I thought. Fruit flies!

In the two days that followed, a swarm of the annoying  flutterers seemed to take over the house. I could never have imagined how quickly they multiply!

Apparently their entire life cycle takes place in 8 days--that's from eggs to adults, then the latter laying eggs again. They love fruit left out in the kitchen (think those bananas) and can get through the most minute spaces! (Yes, this I'm aware of too!)

When you have a swarm of them they spread out through the house. Uh huh...

And so, I made a fruit fly trap

I took a plastic glass and a little baggie, snipped off a tiny bit of a corner on the baggie. I put a slice of tomato and a piece of orange into the glass. Then I also almost covered them with water. The baggie then went over the glass. I pushed the cut corner into a cone shape with the hole at the centre, and secured it on the glass with a rubber band.

Within minutes those little winged annoyances had sensed the good stuff. The trap worked. You can see all those little black dots under the plastic? Each one is a pesky fruit fly!

It's actually a bit scary how many of them there are but hopefully with my handy-dandy fruit fly trap, I can keep them eliminated.

Image via Vicki Warner